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How to Replace a Door in your Home(Straight Forward)!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


Replacing a door in your home may seem like an intimidating task, but it is quite simple.

It’s a great way to update the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re replacing an interior or exterior door, the process is essentially the same. Read on to learn how to replace a door in your own home!

The first step

Replacing a door is to measure and purchase the new door.

Measure the height and width of your current doorway to ensure that you purchase one that fits properly.

If needed, pick up some weatherstripping or caulk for any gaps around the frame.

Once you have your new door, begin by removing the hinges and handle from the old one.

Depending on what type of hinges are currently on your doorway, you may need additional tools such as screwdrivers or pliers.

Be sure to save all of the screws and hardware so that they can be reused when installing the new door.


Install the hinges on the new door and align it with your existing frame.

Use a leveller if needed to ensure that it fits properly before screwing it into place with those saved screws from earlier.

Then attach the handle and latch assembly onto your new door, again using those saved screws from earlier if possible.

Make sure everything is tightened down securely so that nothing becomes loose over time.


Add weatherstripping or caulk around any gaps between the frame and wall where necessary for insulation purposes, then finish off by painting or staining your new door as desired!

This will help seal it against moisture while also making sure it looks great in its new spot!

1. What tools do I need to replace a door?

You will need a measuring tape, a level, screwdrivers or pliers (depending on the type of hinges), and weatherstripping or caulk.

Additionally, you may want to pick up paint or stain to finish off your new door!

2. How do I measure for a new door?

Measure the height and width of your existing doorway to ensure you purchase a door that fits properly.

Additionally, use a level to make sure everything is aligned correctly.

3. How much does it cost to replace a door?

The cost of replacing a door will depend on the type and size of the door you purchase.

Generally, a standard interior door will cost between £50-£200. Exterior doors tend to be more expensive.

Adding weatherstripping or caulk may also add to the overall cost.

4. Should I paint or stain my new door?

Yes, it is recommended to paint or stain your new door, especially if it is an exterior door.

This will help protect the wood from moisture while also making sure it looks great!

5. What kind of weather stripping do I need for the frame?

There are many types of weatherstripping available.

For the frame, you can use a foam or vinyl strip, however, you may want to check with your local hardware store for any specific recommendations.

6. Do I need to remove the old door before installing a new one?

Yes, you will need to remove the old door before installing a new one.

Carefully remove the hinges and handle from the old door and save any screws or hardware for reuse with the new one.

7. How long does it take to replace a door?

Replacing a door can typically take around 1-2 hours, depending on the type of door and any additional preparation needed.

It is important to take your time so that everything is installed correctly and securely.

This will help ensure it lasts for many years to come!

8. Can I install a door myself or do I need professional help?

You can install a door yourself, however, it may be best to consult a professional like Swift Handyman London if you are unsure of the process or do not have the proper tools.

This will help ensure that your new door is installed correctly and securely.

9. What should I do if my new door doesn't fit?

If your new door does not fit, you may need to adjust the hinges or frame for a perfect fit.

You can also consult a professional like Swift Handyman London for help if needed.

10. What other things should I consider when replacing my door?

Be sure to check that the handle and latch assembly are working properly before finishing the installation.

11. What are the types of doors?

  • Wood doors

  • Fiberglass doors

  • Steel doors

12. Whare i can buy a door?

You can buy a door from your local hardware store, home improvement centre, or online. Be sure to measure carefully and research the type of door you want before making any purchases.


Replacing a door can be a great way to give any room in your home an instant facelift without breaking the bank.

With these steps in mind, anyone living in London should be able to successfully replace their doors without having to call out a professional service provider!

A few simple tools (screwdriver/pliers) and supplies (weatherstripping/caulk) are all that you need before getting started!

Try giving this project a go - good luck!

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